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Rutland’s Premiere Primary Care and Internal Medicine

Welcome to Marble Valley Healthworks located in Rutland, Vermont. We are Vermont’s first, direct, multispecialty concierge medical practice—for individuals who value a personal relationship with their doctor and the peace of mind that goes with it.

We work for our patients – not for an employer, insurer, or other large corporation.

At Marble Valley Healthworks, our board-certified concierge physicians specialize in internal medicine and family practice. We dedicate our attention to a smaller number of patients so we can take the time to get to know you, your history, your story. We believe that truly understanding our patients makes us more effective doctors.

The Personalized Medical Services Difference

Take comfort in knowing your doctor is dedicated to delivering the highest quality healthcare, and personalized medical services for your health. Enjoy having the undivided attention and commitment of a dedicated physician and building a long-term relationship that promotes: early detection of preventable illnesses, increased life expectancy, improved quality of life, and decreased dependency on prescription drugs.

Primary Care & Family Medicine

Our family medicine doctor and primary care physician, Bruce D. Bullock cares for patients of all ages.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine doctors – also known as internists – prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases that affect adults.

Advance Directives

An advance directive is a written document, signed by an individual patient and two witnesses, that outlines the individual’s wishes for medical treatment in the future.


A COLST form is a written document in which a patient dictates specific limitations in her care when she decides it is no longer in her interest.

Our Specialists
ready to serve

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Seth Coombs, M.D.

Specialist in
  • Internal medicine
  • Managing care for the elderly
  • Personalized primary care

Bruce D. Bullock, M.D.

Specialist in
  • Family practice
  • Pediatrics
  • Elderly care


Colds and other respiratory infections are the most common infection in the developed world. It’s no surprise then, that over the counter (OTC) remedies for upper respiratory infections (URI) occupy a lot of shelf space at the pharmacy.

Blue-Green Algae or Cyanobacteria are the oldest and simplest organisms that convert sunlight to energy as modern plants do. They are one of the most abundant and widespread life forms on earth.

Antihistamines are a group of medicines used to treat the symptoms of allergy. Allergy symptoms (itchy, red, runny eyes; itchy, congested, runny nose; sneezing; raised, red, itchy rash) occur when allergens such as pollen or pet dander touch a person who is sensitive to them.

Falls are the most frequent cause of injuries that require medical attention. They happen most often to the very young and the very old. Besides being common, falls in these two groups are quite different: children fall more in the summer, while adults have more problems in the winter.

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