Seth Coombs, MD

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My parents are both retired from the medical field: my mother was a visiting nurse, and my father a doctor. They worked hard, and loved their work. I think what lured me to medicine was their obvious fondness for the patients they described in their stories. They appreciated the individuality of their patients, and the challenge it brings to medical practice. In my own career, I’ve learned that my relationship with patients is not only what makes my work fun, it also gives me insight into how best to help them.
I feel fortunate to have lived in a variety of places (Seattle, London, Central Africa and Washington, D.C.), but even more fortunate to have ended up in a place so much like where I started. I grew up in a central Wisconsin town the size of Rutland, in the middle of dairy country. When I travel back “home” to visit family and friends, I describe Vermont as if Wisconsin was scrunched up like an accordion: bigger mountains and smaller lakes, but the cows, crickets, fall colors, campfires and snowflakes are very familiar. So are the down to earth people and the relaxed pace of life.

Why Change to Direct Care:

Studies show that primary care physicians who know their patients deliver better and less costly care. Both the increasing complexity of medical care and the burgeoning risks of unhealthy lifestyles make an enduring relationship with a doctor more valuable now than ever. Having said that, current financial pressures severely constrain the ability of physicians and patients to know and trust each other. The average office visit with a doctor is now less than 15 minutes – it’s no wonder that providers and patients alike are frustrated with the hurried pace of medical care. Fortunately, there is no need to accept the status quo. I have changed my practice to ensure that my partnership with each patient is built on a foundation of mutual respect and trust. I invite you to learn more about my practice, and the benefits of personalized health care. I think you’re going to like what you find.